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      July 2018 fire drill - chemical spill drill

      Date of release:2018-09-06 16:40   Browse volume:
      In order to improve the emergency handling ability of the company and all staff in case of emergencies, enhance staff safety awareness and strengthen staff safety knowledge education,implement the national policy of "prevention first, prevention and elimination combined", the concrete realization of corporate social responsibility.
      Fire drill content:
      1. Escape drill: fire evacuation and guided drill.

      (1) The leader of the evacuation guidance group is responsible for evacuating the personnel at the safety exits on both sides of the second and third floors respectively, and guides the personnel to escape orderly from the designated safety exits according to the prescribed routes, so as to avoid crowding and fall. Direct the personnel to the designated safety zone in the shortest time.
      (2) Employees are evacuated to the company lawn and basketball court according to the instructions. The number of people in line is counted by departments and labels, and the number of people in each department and pulling line is reported to the supervisor. After counting the number of people in each department, one person is arranged to report the number of departments to the general command office. The time required for evacuation and counting the number of people is not more than 5 minutes.
      (3) Personnel evacuation requirements: familiar with the escape route, in accordance with the provisions of the escape route, pay attention to safety, orderly and rapid evacuation to the designated place to gather, the exercise process to maintain serious, serious, not to make trouble, push and other acts.

      Two, fire extinguishing equipment on-site fire drill (compulsory firefighter) - Location: basketball court

      After the fire drill, the fire fighting exercise was announced.
      The captain explains the use of the dry powder extinguisher, the action and the points for attention.
      Fire fighting action: fire drill will be started after hearing the order issued by the commander.
      1. Voluntary firefighters use dry powder extinguishers to fight fires in turn.
      2, hydrant fire: water belt throwing action drill (security guards, volunteer firemen).
      (1) simulate action first, then do actual combat action, and act correctly and decisively.
      (2) volunteer firefighters operate and explain fire extinguishers.
      (3) grasp the wind direction and control the smoke, fog and current.
      (4) Using expired fire extinguishers, the fire extinguishers should be repeatedly used to deplete the chemicals to save equipment;
      (5) the whole staff rushed to the scene quickly, and the action of water pistol and hose connection was fast and standardized.
      (6) the scene is lifelike, the attitude is serious, and obey the command;
      (7) complete recovery of equipment after the end of the exercise.
      (8) requirement: the whole crew rushed to the scene quickly, and the action of water pistol and hose connection was fast and standardized.
      (9) the scene is lifelike, the attitude is serious, and obey the command;
      (10) the equipment is fully recovered after the exercise.

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